Category - Tenant Tips

Up To Scratch

Five key things to check, to make sure you’ve got a decent home and you’re signing up to a legal let.

Rising Damp?

You suddenly realise the property you’re renting has got a damp problem. Of course, your landlord or managing agent is responsible for getting rid of it - but bear in mind, it might be your own fault!

Bargains Galore!

Rental properties advertised at well below market rate aren't always a scam. But they're not always a great idea either.

Fool Me Once

Criminals are taking advantage of landlords and tenants. Don't be a victim.

Unfit For Habitation

Lazy landlords aren't a new phenomenon - but how can you force them to make repairs to your home?

Renting Works

Buying a house is a rite of passage. But it's not always a great idea, and it may not be the right move for you...