Category - Regulation

Law Review

After years of flinging legislation at the PRS, there is finally a raft of legislative changes that landlords can welcome with open arms.

Why Not Murder?

Fines for health and safety violations are pocket change to some landlords. And tenants are dying as a result.

Don’t Get ‘Zuckerberged’!

Data protection legislation is changing. While you probably won’t get publicly lambasted to quite the same extent as Facebook for breaking the rules, here’s what you need to know so you don’t get into hot water.

Efficiency Drive

It's now illegal to let homes with an EPC rating below 'D' It's not too late to improve

Gas ‘MOT’

There's a new ‘MOT-style’ approach to annual gas inspections coming into force from 6th April.

Rogues To Be Blacklisted

Landlords and letting agents who flout the law could soon find themselves on a national database of rogues.

Up To Scratch

Five key things to check, to make sure you’ve got a decent home and you’re signing up to a legal let.