Category - Investment

Piling On The Pounds

More landlords than ever are taking out additional loans against their properties - but why?

Hitting The Big Time

Converting office space into flats seems like an easy way to make money, but it's a risk too

Sight Unseen

A third of investors buy property without seeing it first. It's a terrible idea.

Another Man’s Poison

Brexit is going to be a catastrophe for some landlords and homeowners. Are you ready to take advantage?

A Taxing Time

The government’s phased withdrawal of mortgage interest as an ‘allowable expense’ kicks in for this year’s tax return, so how will your profits be affected over the next few years?

Frozen Out?

With the freezing of the ‘indexation’ tax relief, what’s the impact on landlords who own property through a limited company? 

A Right Royal Shame

Do property investors have a duty of care for the homeless? No. Should they? Perhaps.