About Us

Rent.Works is the premier digital magazine dedicated to everyone involved in the fast-moving private rental sector.

Written by the industry’s top voices, we bring you balanced and informative articles, expert interviews, original research and the news you need to stay on the leading edge of leasing transactions.

Our mission is to help everyone – landlords and tenants – navigate the ever-shifting sands of residential leasing.

Unlike most publishers that assist either landlords or tenants (but never both), we believe that the rental sector works best when both parties are empowered to work in harmony with each other. Developing good relationships goes a long way towards making leasing transactions fair, straightforward and cost-effective.

  • For landlords, we provide the tips and tools you need to streamline and successfully run your private rentals business, whatever your level of experience;
  • For tenants, we give in-depth guidance on topical issues that will you get a better deal from your leases and effectively tackle poor and illegal practices by landlords and letting agents.

It’s essential reading for both landlords and tenants!