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David Rutland
Written by David Rutland

Socialised housing is a curse on any country and anathema to British values.

Democracy is a amazing institution. We mean that quite literally, and we’re constantly confounded by how many people are continually carping about how the government can never do anything right, is infringing on their liberties, and doesn’t care for their wishes.

You voted them in, right? They should be looking after your interests.

And like it or not, the UK is not a socialist utopia, does not subscribe to the principles of communism, the redistribution of wealth, or any of the left wing nonsense.

The UK has been a capitalist society since before either the UK or capitalism even existed. The and the principles of capitalism made Britain great. Trade and private enterprise brought wealth and power to these islands, while more egalitarian regimes faltered and failed.

Look across the Atlantic at our closest ally, and you’ll see the richest nation in the world, capable of projecting power across the entire globe. What you won’t see is socialised medicine, socialised housing, or a low cost education system. Conversely, look at China, which since 1998, has embarked on a policy of low cost rental housing, and has the government cover 70% of healthcare. China’s a dump. We know where we’d rather live.

Providing free or heavily subsidised services to a country’s citizens does nothing. And this includes housing.

Take a look at this graph

As you can see, the global domination of the British empire began to decline in the 1940s, just as initiatives for local authorities to own and rent out homes began to rise? Coincidence? We think not.

Likewise council house occupation reached its peak in the 1980s. What else peaked in the 1980s? Unemployment. Recession. Interest rates.

So why, with this clear correlation between council housing and terrible economic conditions, has almost every government committed to building more and more council properties, or required to developers to set aside a proportion of their units as ‘affordable housing’?

It seems to go with the territory as we sink further and further into this quasi-communist quagmire. Both of the major parties are contaminated, and even the so-called right wing is considerably more socialist than the left wing democrats on the far side of the ocean.

Social housing isn’t free – it’s paid for by taxes – yours, ours, and that of corporations who would rather operate abroad than in the high tax environment that is the modern United Kingdom.

But it’s clear that whichever party you vote for, no-one is actually going to represent your interests – just look at how outraged the leadership of both parties were when the great British people declared their independence from the tyranny of the EU.

No, the only way forward is to back individual candidates whose agenda includes the complete rollback of public housing and restoring it to the hands of private individuals. Get involved in politics, go to meetings and donate to campaign funds.  After all, if your lobbyists can control the purse strings of individual candidates, anything is possible. Again, look at the shining examples set by our transatlantic cousins, when it comes to lobbying success on issues such as gun control, pharmaceuticals, oil pipelines, and finance.

It’s time to take control of your candidates, roll back social housing, and Make Britain Great Again!

The author of this article proudly identifies as a middle-aged cis-hetero male.


Image credit: Ian Halsey

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