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Interest Rates Heading Up

For more than nine years, the base rate has been no higher than 0.5%. Now that it’s widely being forecast to rise at least three times by the end of 2019, what does that mean for landlords?

Carrying Capacity

There are now 2.5 million private landlords in the UK. How many is too many?

Why Not Murder?

Fines for health and safety violations are pocket change to some landlords. And tenants are dying as a result.

The End For DIY Landlords?

With landlord registration, licensing and the days of rocketing property prices well behind us, is it really worth being a DIY landlord any more, or is it all just too much of a faff?

That’s Entertainment

Property shows have all but disappeared from British TV screens - could this be behind the falling number of private landlords?

Poor Lifetime Tenants

While renting in your 20s and 30s might seem fine, have you thought ahead? If you never manage to buy, your future might be far less rosy than you realise.