Category - Landlord Tips

Frozen Out?

With the freezing of the ‘indexation’ tax relief, what’s the impact on landlords who own property through a limited company? 

From A Distance

Managing a geographically diverse portfolio is hard work, Is it worth it?

Take Cover

Buy to let landlords require specialist insurance. Are you covered properly?

School’s Out

Letting to students can be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Make sure you're doing it right.

So Sue Me

Tenants have rights and can take you to court to defend them. Don't fall into these easy to avoid traps

Fool Me Once

Criminals are taking advantage of landlords and tenants. Don't be a victim.

Divide And Conquer

Letting a large house isn't easy - flats can offer a far better return on your investment

Fully Managed What?

Fully Managed Letting Services take the hassle out of being a landlord - but for a steep price.